Enjoy a Modern Bathroom Atmosphere

Talk to us about level entry showers in Akron or Hudson, OH

Would you enjoy an open concept in your shower area? A level entry shower creates a modern space that's free of barriers and tripping hazards. White Builders installs curbless showers in the Akron or Hudson, OH areas. We use a system that's put in without additional engineering or altering of the floor framing.

Level entry showers are a great way to give your home's value a boost without compromising the integrity of your structure. The sleek and modern design gives your bathroom a spa-like quality. You can customize your entryway with a piece of glass or maintain an open concept. Contact White Builders today for a custom curbless shower in the Hudson or Akron, OH area.

Enjoy the benefits of a curbless shower

If you're updating your space with home remodeling, you can select from a variety of options to customize your level entry shower, including the tile, grate and fixtures. A curbless shower provides an array of benefits, including:

  • Improving accessibility
  • Helping you stay in your home longer
  • Making cleaning easier

Level entry showers are great if you or your visitors are elderly, injured or handicapped. Get an estimate on the installation of a level entry shower by calling 330-618-6042 today.

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